At Texoma Laser we strive to provide top notch customer service and quality of work. We are a Veteran owned family business. We are based in Wichita Falls, but provide services across the globe. Check out our past work in our gallery.

At Texoma Laser we can do single item laser engraving, or large scale engraving projects. We are able to engrave on glass, wood, metal , plastic, brick, leather and many other materials. You can choose from our in store items, pick from one of our catalogs, or even bring in your own keepsakes for engraving! Call, text, or come in and talk to us and see what we can do for you!

Published 7/18/2020 in Texoma Laser Blog
I just finished getting every product with a decent picture from one of our whole sellers loaded into the online store. Some things need to be recategorized, and I need to add pictures to the categories and sub categories. There are over 2700 items currently loaded, and the prices that are listed should be enough for us to include a standard engraving, and shipping. After I clean up how the...read more ❯
MONTHS of work.
Published 6/12/2020 in Texoma Laser Blog
After MONTHS of trying to get products to load into our website and match up to pictures automatically, I'm giving up. I'm going through and adding pictures one by one. The pictures that one of our wholesalers provide were of mixed quality. I don't want that to be how we're represented. It may take a while, but our online store is being populated. Anything that you see show up on there you can...read more ❯
Published 4/17/2020 in Texoma Laser Blog
We've been hard at work producing videos on social media, and completing projects. We've also been teaching each other different techniques and how to do different parts of each other's jobs. The Rona lockdowns have definitely disrupted our operations, but we are taking full advantage of the situation to try to realign our business so we can make it to the other side of this. We're still...read more ❯
The Blog is live!
Published 2/12/2020 in Texoma Laser Blog
One of the things we're doing with this site is to add a blog. This is so that we can post updates to our website regularly to keep you all informed on what we are up to. I'm also setting this up so that if you want to just read what we're doing without going to the main site, you can just type in blog.texomalaser.com and you'll be able to view all of our posts. The only thing that will show up...read more ❯
Another redesign
Published 2/11/2020 in Texoma Laser Blog
While I was building out the website things started to slow down quite a bit. So, in an effort to keep the site fast, I split it all up. Without getting super nerdy about it, I upgraded some stuff, moved stuff around, and now things should stay fast. That means that we should be able to keep putting content on the site for a long, long time. It's awesome. We're also going to add an area for...read more ❯
Building websites takes time.
Published 2/11/2020 in Texoma Laser Blog
One of the things I'm trying to get right with this project is that I want to make sure the SEO is done properly. That includes all of the products I want to add. The product file has over 20,000 items in it, but not everything is laid out very well. I've spent the last two weeks working on ways to automate the import of a price sheet, and shooting out what we want to offer from it. Each product...read more ❯
Another Site Update
Published 2/11/2020 in Texoma Laser Blog
So far I have been able to get everything to look the way I want it to, but when I go to import the product data there are issues. Small issues, but I the way this site is being built there will be easy and quick updates regularly. What does that mean for you? I am going to focus on putting information up and filling the website out with more content. The product will be loaded later in...read more ❯
First Post!
Published 2/11/2020 in Texoma Laser Blog
Well here's what we've been up to at Texoma Laser! The website is functional enough to go live! We'll be adding products as fast as we can, but there is a lot to offer. We've been building up a store front so that we can offer things to you guys to pick up, touch, feel and purchase. We have short walk-in hours so that we can get started and try to hire people to run the store and work the...read more ❯

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